Gear Review: Leather "Fair Play" Referee Wallet

Courtesy of the referees who operate Referee, we have the FIFA Leather “Fair Play” Referee Wallet for review.  The FIFA Leather “Fair Play” Referee Wallet consists of three parts: a yellow card, red card, and the wallet itself and retails for $10.95.

The wallet is constructed of leather and is nicely finished with stitching along the edges.  The wallet contains two pockets – one in front and one in back, to hold each of the cards.  The wallet opens to reveal a standard referee wallet layout, with clear plastic strips on either side to hold a game card in place.  A standard OSI pre-printed game card sheet (5-13/16″ x 4″, 148mm x 101mm) works just fine.  The inside surface of the wallet is lined with a nylon like material, which should help repel moisture.  Overall, the wallet is well-built and should last much longer than a typical plastic wallet.

The yellow and red cards are nice and thick, with rounded corners. They are a bit on the small side, measuring 75mm x 106mm.  By contrast, b+d cards measure 90mm x 121mm.  The FIFA cards are thicker than the b+d cards, but not as thick as my “vintage” cards from the 1970s (which are no longer made).  The red card is a fluorescent red, which seems to be the standard now, and are almost identical in color to the b+d cards.

In summary, the FIFA Leather “Fair Play” Referee Wallet is a very good set any referee would be happy to own.  The superior construction and thicker cards should ensure this set will last much longer than the standard plastic wallets and cards.  I continue to prefer the b+d compact referee wallet, but only because I use a write on game information card (from, reviewed here) and it fits very nicely in the b+d wallet.  If you prefer the pre-preprinted paper sheets (or if you print your own), this wallet is highly recommended.

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