Case Study: What's Wrong With This Picture, Vol. 4

A better title for this edition would be “How Many Things Are Wrong With This Picture?”

For the answer, click here.

P.S.: I think the ball was photoshopped in after the fact.

What's Wrong With This Picture

27 responses to “Case Study: What's Wrong With This Picture, Vol. 4”

  1. Finally someone saw this! This picture (or one similar) is on Score Sport’s soccer website. It’s basically “buy our products if you want to leave your shirt untucked, not wear black socks and wear white tennis shoes”. My referee spidey sense just starts tingling every time I lookup Score’s soccer gear.


  2. Regarding the assistant referee:
    1) No referee socks
    2) Wrong shoes
    3) Untucked shirt
    4) Whistle (or something else that shouldn’t be there) around the neck
    5) Undershirt should be BLACK (or, if nothing else, yellow)

    Regarding the players:
    1) The player in green appears to be guilty of handling the ball
    2) The player in green also appears to be wearing earrings
    3) The player in black has illegal equipment holding up her shirt sleeves
    4) (If this is HS) No numbers on the front of either player’s uniform.


  3. HaHa, Let’s start with the AR, White Shoes (a huge pet peeve of mine), short non referee socks, jersey untucked, hand shielding eyes and not even looking at the current play. Then the player appears to be about to handle the ball but that one is a little tougher to call from a still image.


      • I disagree, the only time the flag should be in his right hand without making a call or about to make a call is if he is sprinting towards the centre of the field. If he is facing the field like he is in this picture, the flag needs to be in his left hand, closest to the referee in the middle.


      • If the flag were in his left hand it wouldn’t be closest to the referee in the middle…but I assume you meant if he were side-stepping like is recommended.

        If he is walking up the field, then the flag would still need to be in his right hand.


  4. It is obvious! AR has his shirt un-tucked, White socks and white shoes, and flag in wrong hand. Ok, about the player, her arms are in a natural running position, and if the ball played of her arm the ruling is, No handling. I might not agree with that interpretation of the laws of the game, but I do make the calls according to the interpretation. I have been refereeing for 8 years, over 2000 centers, mostly youth premier, and love refereeing.


  5. Great thought Mr. Christopher Reay. You have a positive mind and mentorship. You are the great resource for AYSO. Hope to meet you in soccer pitch, some day. Cheers.


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