Case Study: Keep Your Eyes Off The Ball

When we train new referees, we often tell them this about being an assistant referee: “if you’re doing your job as an assistant referee, you’ll miss most of the match”.

Among their several duties, the trailing assistant referee provides eyes behind the back of the referee, spotting off the ball nonsense that the referee may not see.  As such, it is imperative that ARs not get caught “ball watching”.

FIFA Assistant Referee Peter Kirkup illustrates this brilliantly when he spots violent conduct on the pitch, behind the back of Referee Craig Pawson.

Just as coaches tell defenders, we tell new assistant referees: don’t get caught ball watching!

9 responses to “Case Study: Keep Your Eyes Off The Ball”

  1. missed foul creates the retaliation which is easily cautionable but red for VC is simply ludicrous as a match necessity not required


  2. both should’ve been sent off.Verthonghen initiates a VC,pushing Ramirez whith his knee and impeding him to stand and continue playing,all this,when not challenging for the ball.So,Verthonghen was the provocateur of the scrum and can not escape punishment too.I believe that in similar situations,when both players are guilty in a scrum and comsuming a VC,should be sent off,cause is not fair and equal to sent off only one player that consume e VC as a result of a previous VC of the other player in his detriment.


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