New USSF Referee Uniform Details (updated October 2022)

At, we are the premier provider of soccer referee gear, including top-quality soccer referee uniforms. Show up prepared for each soccer match from head to toe with these approved uniforms.

  • NEW, “True To Size” Athletic Fit
  • Official COLOR MATCH Guarantee
  • Colors that will not fade
  • Designed with Micro-Polyester fabric (new, lightweight fabric with advanced moisture wicking properties)
  • Collar with bareSKIN zipper for ultimate comfort
  • Side Mesh Panels for breathability
  • Two Hidden Pockets with Velcro Closures & Pull-Open Tabs
  • Uniform Sizing Chart



Q: Who makes Referee Store jerseys?

A: Our referee jerseys were carefully designed and developed by a former USSF National Referee and Assessor, Rafal Wlazlo, and are produced using high-tech, U.S. family-owned manufacturing company.

Q: How are Referee Store jerseys different from others?

A: While our elite referee jerseys look similar to many other “zipper collar” shirts (in order to conform to mandated dress code), the similarities end there.

After not being satisfied with the overall quality of available referee jerseys on the market we took the time to re-develop the referee jersey from scratch. We updated the fabric using special polyester blend to ensure unparalleled look and feel.

Next we decided to use only the best available inks on the market, so we imported them from Italy and continue to do so. This provides our jersey with amazing durability when exposed to sun and other elements, making sure the colors never fade.

We use a unique high-speed sublimation process, which provides the fabric with amazing capability of removing tough stains later and paired that up with automated and manual stitching process to ensure that not a single thread on your jersey will be compromised during action or wash.

Lastly, we chose and sourced the best zipper suitable for sports jerseys to give you the best in comfort while maintaining a professional look.

Q: Are your jerseys the cheapest of all?

A: When we compare our jerseys against others, we find that our quality of materials and components used as well as construction itself far supersede the durability and comfort of others we have tested, thus saving you money in the long run, all while making you look sharp!

Q: What if the jersey doesn’t fit right?

A: Perfect fit is virtually guaranteed using our simplified sizing chart above.

15 responses to “New USSF Referee Uniform Details (updated October 2022)”

  1. I’m not sure I trust what they told you about sizing. Our srya got a size larger than he usually wore and told my wife it was very tight.


  2. While I appreciate the use of updated fabrics, the drastic change is just ludicrous. The people making these new uniforms didn’t consult the majority of the referees in this nation, ie the ones who officiate at the youth level. We don’t want new colors, stripes. We want lighter, better breathing uniforms. Soon we will have refs in mismatched uniforms on the field. How professional is that going to look. Stop the insanity and withdrawal these uniform.s


  3. These uniforms are horrible. It’s a money grab and nothing more. Pro had their kit, College had their kit (NISOA). The existing jersey is the one that makes us middle age guys and galls going soft in the middle not look like crap on the field. We are out their burning up our knees and ankles and backs giving to the Youth game, thousands of us every weekend, and this is the thanks we get… pony up another $500 and look like crap in our new, sleeker uniforms.


  4. This new jersey will go a long ways towards discouraging new and old referees alike. Spending hundreds of dollars every few years so that US Soccer can reap big payments from the manufactures is nothing more than a total rip-off of referees. It’s a shame that the “powers-that-be” in US Soccer are for sale so cheaply.


  5. Yep! It is all about the money. This colored shirt thing is madness We used to just wear black and white like so many other sports. with most sports you need at most 2 shirts, With Soccer you need 10 and they change the design periodically. This makes no sense. 2018 will be my last soccer season.

    Let the professionals do what they want, but high school and below should just go back to Black and White.


  6. I have referees that have said they are going to refuse to continue working for me if I require them to get the OSI uniforms as opposed to the Score uniforms. I thought OSI are the only ones recognized by US Soccer?


  7. Even more confusing is USSF’s and OSI’s published phrasing that old style can be worn only “through 2018”. Many leagues/assignors are interpreting that as 12/31/2017. But I called both OSI and USSF to confirm, and they both said 12/31/2018. So far in the Northeast, Conn. is the only state with 12/31/2018 specifically listed on their website.


  8. I have heard that undershirts, or base layers, now need to match the jersey color if you are going to wear a long sleeved base layer under a short sleeved shirt. I don’t see the purpose of having short sleeved and long sleeved jerseys except to make more money for the manufacturer. I always thought a black long sleeved base layer looks good under a short sleeved jersey when it’s cold. Have you heard of any requirement to match base layers and short sleeved shirt colors? Thanks!!


    • I have not heard this news but will see if I can find out anything from my sources. In the meantime, perhaps one of our other readers can comment. It could be that this is a local association/SRC decision.


  9. I will be a soccer referee for the first time this summer. I plan on being a ref for the next few summers. Do we know how long the 2018 USSF Jerseys will be allowed or will I have to buy a new kit for 2019, 2020, etc.?


  10. Just received two new jerseys ( one gold and one black) from Official Sports International (OSI). Both are the poorest quality jersey I have ever owned. The collars don’t lay down well and the left and right sides of the collars do not match in shape or size. They are the OSI Pro Shirt and they are crap!


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