New USSF Referee Uniform Details

I’ve been in touch with representatives of Official Sports and have some further details about the new USSF referee uniforms.

The new shirt style is a big departure from the outgoing version.  Stylistically, there are a lot of similarities with the Adidas referee shirts, with only the stripes under the pockets and on the cuffs of the sleeves recalling the outgoing design.  This is in keeping with OSI’s design goal of an “updated, sleek look.”

A Brand New Style

Two breast pockets are closed with velcro and utilize a small black pull tab to open.

The right sleeve features the USSF Referee Program logo, complete with updated US Soccer logo.

Collars on the outgoing-style shirt  were prone to not laying flat; the new smaller collar should be less problematic.

The traditional button placket has been replaced with a sleek black zipper.  That the zipper is much more narrow than the button placket adds to the modern look of the shirt.

The side panels of the shirt are a mesh material, which should improve airflow through the shirt.

OSI states that the new shirts are lighter in weight and feature a much more athletic cut.  After seeing the jersey in person, and speaking with referees who have worn them, I can confirm this is the case.  The new shirt is significantly lighter, owing to using less material, and probably to changes to the materials themselves.

Sizing It Up

Sizing of the new shirt is somewhat different, as the cut of the shirt is more narrow in the body and shoulders, and the sleeves are shorter and tighter, according to OSI.  Referees are encouraged to check the sizing information on the OSI website before selecting a size.  Based on the size guide, I ordered a large, while I wore an extra large in the outgoing style. Even if your shirt size doesn’t change based on the new sizing chart, OSI reports that some referees are moving down a size to achieve a sleeker, more athletic look.

There is finally a women’s version of the shirt.  The women’s cut features a tapered bodice, smaller shoulders and shorter sleeves when compared to the men’s version.

Color My World

5 colors will continue to be standard in the new style, with yellow (pictured) replacing gold.  The other colors – red, green, black and blue – are similar to the current style, but a bit “brighter” according to OSI.

Pricing and Availability

The new Pro shirt will sell for $48.95 in short-sleeve and $49.95 in long-sleeve.  Compared to the current shirt, the new shirt price is an increase of $3 and $4, respectively, over the new styles.  The increase of about 7% seems reasonable, given that OSI has not raised prices on shirts in several years. Keep in mind that shipping is not included in the price.

An Economy version of the shirt is available as well, and the feature differences from the Pro version are about the same as the currently style (open, V-neck collar and no velcro closures on the pockets for the downscale version).

The yellow and green short-sleeve version of the shirt is available for order now on the OSI website.  The red shirts can be seen on the site, but are not currently available for order.  Blue and black versions in both long and short sleeves will be available in November.  Long sleeve versions of yellow, green and red are expected in mid-August.

The women’s cut Pro version of the yellow shirt is available now.

Starter Kits

OSI states that all economy starter kit orders will now feature the new style shirt and should start shipping by the end of July.  This will aid Referee Instructors and assignors, as we won’t have to tell new referees which shirt to order; new Starter Kit orders will receive the new shirt.

OSI also introduced a Pro Starter Kit, which features the Pro shirt and pro shorts in place of the Economy versions, as well as the USSF two-stripe socks (3 pcs. total).  The Pro starter kit pricing offers an effective discount of 12% when compared to buying the items separately.

Keep It Short

The Pro version of the shorts are not changing, save for the updated US Soccer logo embroidered on the right leg.  OSI plans to offer a new Women’s Pro Short by the end of August.

USSF Guidance

OSI says that USSF says the current jerseys can be worn through the 2018 season, which is a generous transition period.  I confirmed with USSF crews on youth games will be allowed to mix styles, as new referees will have only the new style shirt.

My Impressions

I like the new style.  It’s current and fresh and fits much more appropriately for officials who should be reasonably fit.  I like the use of the thick/thin stripe as a nod to the outgoing style, which, let’s face it, has been with us for many, many years.  (I don’t count the change from the pin stripe to the thick/thin stripe as a major change).  The shirt is much lighter and comfortable, and the yellow should rarely be in conflict with a team color.  All in all, I welcome these changes as long overdue.

15 responses to “New USSF Referee Uniform Details”

  1. I’m not sure I trust what they told you about sizing. Our srya got a size larger than he usually wore and told my wife it was very tight.


  2. While I appreciate the use of updated fabrics, the drastic change is just ludicrous. The people making these new uniforms didn’t consult the majority of the referees in this nation, ie the ones who officiate at the youth level. We don’t want new colors, stripes. We want lighter, better breathing uniforms. Soon we will have refs in mismatched uniforms on the field. How professional is that going to look. Stop the insanity and withdrawal these uniform.s


  3. These uniforms are horrible. It’s a money grab and nothing more. Pro had their kit, College had their kit (NISOA). The existing jersey is the one that makes us middle age guys and galls going soft in the middle not look like crap on the field. We are out their burning up our knees and ankles and backs giving to the Youth game, thousands of us every weekend, and this is the thanks we get… pony up another $500 and look like crap in our new, sleeker uniforms.


  4. This new jersey will go a long ways towards discouraging new and old referees alike. Spending hundreds of dollars every few years so that US Soccer can reap big payments from the manufactures is nothing more than a total rip-off of referees. It’s a shame that the “powers-that-be” in US Soccer are for sale so cheaply.


  5. Yep! It is all about the money. This colored shirt thing is madness We used to just wear black and white like so many other sports. with most sports you need at most 2 shirts, With Soccer you need 10 and they change the design periodically. This makes no sense. 2018 will be my last soccer season.

    Let the professionals do what they want, but high school and below should just go back to Black and White.


  6. I have referees that have said they are going to refuse to continue working for me if I require them to get the OSI uniforms as opposed to the Score uniforms. I thought OSI are the only ones recognized by US Soccer?


  7. Even more confusing is USSF’s and OSI’s published phrasing that old style can be worn only “through 2018”. Many leagues/assignors are interpreting that as 12/31/2017. But I called both OSI and USSF to confirm, and they both said 12/31/2018. So far in the Northeast, Conn. is the only state with 12/31/2018 specifically listed on their website.


  8. I have heard that undershirts, or base layers, now need to match the jersey color if you are going to wear a long sleeved base layer under a short sleeved shirt. I don’t see the purpose of having short sleeved and long sleeved jerseys except to make more money for the manufacturer. I always thought a black long sleeved base layer looks good under a short sleeved jersey when it’s cold. Have you heard of any requirement to match base layers and short sleeved shirt colors? Thanks!!


    • I have not heard this news but will see if I can find out anything from my sources. In the meantime, perhaps one of our other readers can comment. It could be that this is a local association/SRC decision.


  9. I will be a soccer referee for the first time this summer. I plan on being a ref for the next few summers. Do we know how long the 2018 USSF Jerseys will be allowed or will I have to buy a new kit for 2019, 2020, etc.?


  10. Just received two new jerseys ( one gold and one black) from Official Sports International (OSI). Both are the poorest quality jersey I have ever owned. The collars don’t lay down well and the left and right sides of the collars do not match in shape or size. They are the OSI Pro Shirt and they are crap!


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