GHSA Soccer Mercy Rule

Smartphone users: the chart is best viewed in landscape mode.

Each step should be applied in order listed.

Half Time ELAPSED Goal Difference Action Notes
1st less than 20 mins Any None MUST play at least 20 mins
1st 20 mins <7 Finish the complete half, regardless of future GD Even if GD is 10 or more, finish the half
1st 20 mins =7, or =8, or =9 Half Ends 2nd Half is 20 mins
1st 20 mins >=10 Game Ends do NOT K/O 2nd Half
Halftime =7, or =8, or =9 2nd Half is 20 mins Follow 2nd half rules below
Halftime or 2H any >=10 Game ends immediately Do NOT K/O 2nd Half if not started
2nd any If 1st H was 20 mins AND GD drops below 7 None; 2nd half remains 20 mins Once 2H is 20 mins, it never changes

Courtesy of In The Opinion Of The Referee

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