Information for New Referees

If you want to become a referee, or have recently become a referee, you may be wondering where to start or what to do next.  This guide should answer most of your questions and get you prepared for your first match.

Information for New Referees is divided into six sections:

  1. Becoming a Certified USSF Referee: understanding the requirements to become a referee and how to prepare for the test.
  2. Understanding The Required Gear: an overview of the equipment you’re required to own.
  3. Gear Recommendations for New Referees: iTOOTR sorts out all the package deals and offers and makes specific recommendations.
  4. Getting Assigned to Matches: once you have your badge and your uniform, how do you get games?
  5. Preparing For Your First Match: practical advice that may not have been covered during your referee certification course.
  6. Referees Are Athletes: Soccer referees need proper nutrition to perform well and avoid illness.

The information presented here is “In The Opinion Of The Referee” and does not represent the views of the US Soccer Federation or any other organization.

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