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  • Case Study: Issuing a Caution for Shirt Removal

    It is not news to regular readers of this space that a player who removes his shirt during a goal celebration is subject to sanction. ┬áThe FIFA publication “Interpretation of the Laws of the Game and Guidelines for Referees” addresses the issue directly. ┬áPage 118 of the electronic version (published with the LOTG), under the […]

  • Case Study: Atkinson Shows Cards Aren't Always Necessary

    On 25 August 2012, Martin Atkinson was the referee in a Premier League (ENG) match between West Ham United (blue) and Swansea FC (white). Early in the match, #4 white was attacking down the right side and lost possession of the ball to a blue defender (images 1 to 3). He subsequently fouled the defender, […]