Gear Review: Kwik Goal Premier Referee Jersey, Black

Am I the only referee who thinks that $56 (with shipping) is too much to pay for a referee jersey?? I get that Official Sports (OSI) is the “Official Technical Partner” of USSF, but, I’m not sure how much I want to subsidize USSF through my equipment purchases.

So, I was compelled to order the Kwik Goal Premier Referee Jersey based primarily on the price. When I ordered from Amazon, the price was $33 + $0 shipping. The OSI Pro jersey is $48, plus $7 shipping.

In summary, this jersey is every bit as good as the “official” version. True, it does not have the USSF Referee Program seal on the right sleeve, but it does have a pen channel in the left breast pocket, a feature the “official” jersey does not have. It is also tagless, which some may find a nice feature.

If you’ve seen other referees wearing Kwik Goal jerseys in the past, you’ll recall that the Kwik Goal logo was screened on the flap of the right breast pocket. On this version of the jersey, there is no logo at all on the right pocket. Instead, “Kwik Goal” is smartly embroidered on the right sleeve, just above the cuff.[/col]

It features a button collar, but has two buttons, while the OSI shirt has three.

Fabric and construction are similar to the “official” jersey, and after wearing it in a couple of matches, I can report that it is just as comfortable as my “official” jerseys.

kwik goal black ref jersey

The Premier Referee Jersey also ships with BOTH velcro pieces for your patches (the loop portion is sewn on the left breast pocket, and the hook piece comes stuck to it, hence the white circle in the photos).

I’m tired of paying premium prices for “official” referee items, just because they are silk screened with the USSF Referee Program logo. I want gear that looks good, is functional, and doesn’t require me to work one full (or more) match(es) just to pay for it. The Kwik Goal Premier Referee Jersey, L/S fits the bill nicely.

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Ed Note: To see a direct comparison of the Kwik Goal and Official Sports referee jerseys, click here.

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