Announcing a New Series: Ripped From The Touchline

With sincere apologies to the writers of Law & Order, I announce a new series on iTooTr called “Ripped From The Touchlines”.  This series will feature real-world questions based on situations that referees have actually experienced.  While we may occasionally feature situations that have black and white answers based on the Laws of the Game, our primary focus will be on the grey areas of refereeing.  Specifically, we’ll cover player management, dealing with coaches, risk and flow, etc.

Think of “Ripped” as a case-study class that gives us an opportunity to have good discussion about the more difficult areas of the game.  Rarely will there be “right” answers (although there may be “best” answers).  The objective to encourage open, honest discussion among the members of this group.

If you have an experience you think others will benefit from, email me miker’at’itootrdotcom.  Be sure to include the word “ripped” in the subject line.  I will edit the submissions for clarity, brevity, and anonymity and get them scheduled for publication.

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