Ripped From The Touchline, Vol 2: A studs up challenge

You have the whistle on a high school boys varsity match.  It has been tightly contested, physical, though not overly so, and the score is 1-0 in favor of White.

Early in the second half, the Red left fullback takes possession near the halfway line, and near the touchline, which is were the teams are located.  A White midfielder slide tackles for the ball, and you notice the following conditions of the tackle:

The white player’s studs are clearly showing

The white player’s leading leg is straight (“locked”)

The white player’s leading foot – with studs showing – makes clear and clean contact with the ball and does not touch the Red player

The white player’s trailing leg makes contact with the Red player, knocking him to the ground, after the ball was contacted

The Red player does not appear to be injured

What action, if any, do you take, and why?  Is there a foul here?  If so, are any further sanctions called for?  And if so, what is appropriate?

Do you have your own scenario to submit for a future RFTT?  Send it to miker-at-itootrdotcom.

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