Case Study: A Deserved Send Off That Shouldn't Have Been

In a recent Premier League match between Swansea City FC and Sunderland AFC, new Premier League Referee Roger East sent off Swansea defender Chico Flores in the 71st minute for serious foul play.

Flores was pursuing an attacking Sunderland player down the left touchline when the ball bounced high. Flores foolishly tried to play the ball with his boot near his opponents’ face. Replays show that the heel of Flores boot grazes the back of his opponents’ shoulder. Not that you would know from the pitiful reaction of the attacker.

Despite this, it was a foolish challenge for which Flores should expect to be sent off. At this level, players know not to put a boot near the head of an opponent, especially when moving towards them.

I only wish the FA would retrospectively punish the Sunderland player for his disgraceful playacting. A man can dream, can’t he?

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