Case Study: A Good Old-Fashioned Clear Out

Case Study # 22-2013
Date 18 Aug 2013
Competition Barclays Premier League
Fixture/Result Chelsea 2 – 0 Hull City
Referee/Badge Jon Moss, Select Group
At Issue Chelsea player Ivanovic opens a hole in a Hull City wall during a free kick

The Barclays Premier League 2013/14 season got underway over the weekend and, not surprisingly, players are up to their usual tricks and cheats as they attempt to circumvent the Laws of the Game.

One of the more interesting – and effective – cheats was performed by Chelsea FC fullback Branislav Ivanovic during a free kick taken by teammate Frank Lampard.

As defenders from Hull City AFC (or is it Hull City Tigers now?) formed up a wall, Ivanovic inserted himself into the middle of it.  As Lampard began his run-up to take the kick, Ivanovic created space in the wall with a box out that Phil Jackson would be proud of.  Ivanovic moved the Hull defender at least a yard to the left, leaving Lampard with a clear path to goal.  The fact that Lampard’s free kick was brilliantly taken shouldn’t overshadow the fact that Ivanovic cheated by opening the hole in the wall.

We must remain vigilant to prevent this type of cheating when possible, and failing that, sanction players when they do it.  In this instance, as the ball was not yet in play when Ivanovic started his basketball move, the referee should caution the Chelsea player for unsporting behavior and order the kick retaken.

4 responses to “Case Study: A Good Old-Fashioned Clear Out”

  1. And what level match is this? U10? What are the players really doing? What is the expectation of the players? Who’s holding whom?


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