Gear Review: Molten Valkeen Whistle

When I first announced that I would be reviewing the Molten Valkeen Whistle ($53, Referee, I had some interesting comments on social media. The best, by far was this: “For $53, it better recognize fouls AND give me the correct restart!”

Sadly, the Valkeen will not solve our restart woes, but it is one hell of a whistle.

The Molten Valkeen is from the same company that created the Dolfin whistle and you’ll immediately notice the resemblance.  Japan-based Molten says that several years went into R&D and that over 100 prototype whistles were produced.  The final product – which derives its’ name from Valkryie, the goddess of war – is a pealess, two tone whistle that the company says produces “two interfering frequencies, 4.15 kHz and 3.67 kHz, [resulting in] a unique beat.”

The pack-ins include a standard lanyard and a set of unique whistle holders the company calls a “Flip Grip”.  The Flip Grip comes in three different sizes, and the packaging includes a sizing guide to help select the proper fit.

I’ll try to not overstate my conclusions, but the fact is, this is the best, loudest, easiest to blow whistle I’ve ever used.

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For $65, it better recognize fouls AND give me the correct restart!


The Valkeen has a uniquely colored  tone, thanks to the dual sound chambers and the harmonic overtones it creates.  It sounds like a whistle you’ve heard before, but at the same time, you realize it is somehow different.  This makes it quite difficult to get an accurate recording without professional recording gear (that didn’t stop me trying; see below).

It is amazingly easy to blow.  From the short tweet of a simple foul, to the long ring of a penalty decision, I found it was very easy to get the tone I wanted.

The Flip Grip is such a revelation, it leaves you wondering why no one thought of it before now.  Not once did I feel I might drop the whistle.  It sat very secure between my fingers, even while my fingers where very wet from sweat, rain and hydrating fluids.

Effusive praise notwithstanding, $65 is a lot to pay for a whistle.  While I can definitively say it is the best, most comfortable, easiest to blow, most commanding whistle I’ve ever used, I can’t say it is worth $53 USD.

If you are very serious about your refereeing, or are a gear nut (or both), then you should probably dip into the secret account and cough up the dough.  Otherwise, see our comprehensive Whistle Roundup for much more affordable options.

At this time, the Valkeen is available in the USA only through Referee


14 responses to “Gear Review: Molten Valkeen Whistle”

  1. I got it and just used it on a U14B scrimmage. It was by far the best whistle I have used and everyone recognizes it since there was another game next to me. I even got compliments about it from both coaches. Very easy to use different tones for fouls,subs,etc.


      • Yes, The flip grip came really handy. However, It was tricky putting it on the whistle. I liked that I could use it to hold the whistle easier and run. I also liked that I could blow and release the whistle and take it out easier.


  2. No matter how recognizable and unique it is, I just can’t see a whistle cost being in the neighborhood of $65. I can buy a lot of gear for that kind of money. I think this is reserved for the gear junkie and the professional referee.


    • Dustin,
      Thanks for your “energetic” comment (which I edited prior to publication). It’s a reasonable question, even if unreasonably asked in its’ original form.

      As the Valkeen is a ridiculously expensive whistle, I want to use it in a real match situation before passing final judgment. The season starts here this weekend with our biggest tournament of the year, so I will have many chances to use it and note the reaction of the players on the pitch.

      Also, I wanted to find a new way of recording the Valkeen as whistles are notoriously difficult to record without professional grade gear. I tried my new recording technique last night and am in the process of editing now. The results still aren’t superb, but much better than anything I’ve tried before.

      All that said, look for a full review by the middle of next week.

      Thanks for the fervent interest!


  3. Yeah Mike! How long does it take!? 😉

    But seriously, let’s cut Mike and ITOOTR a break here.

    When he started this (volunteer service) website he had a full head of hair like Milli Vanilli – fast forward 2 years…and we have a “before” guy from Bosley commercial.

    So big thanks to Mike & ITOOTR for doing what he does.


  4. Die Pfeife erfüllt bei weitem nicht die Erwartungen. Die Lautstärke lässt zu wünschen übrig. Der Preis für diese Pfeife ist völlig überhöht.
    Mein Tipp: Hände weg von einer bestellung.


    • Helmut,
      I agree the price is very high, but after several weeks of use, this is my favorite whistle.

      It is certainly a luxury item and it not really necessary; a Fox 40 Classic is hard to beat and costs about 80% less.

      Danke fuer Ihren Kommenten.


  5. What’s the mouthpiece like? I prefer a CMG on all of my whistles as I like to hold my whistle with my teeth while I take notes or in the event I need to use both hands. I’ve found that plastic against teeth doesn’t feel too great.


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