Case Study: What’s Wrong With This Picture?, Vol 6

The video clip below is from a Premier League match between Sunderland and Manchester United on 5 October 2013.  Without being too specific, there is a problem in the video.  Can you spot it?

Stumped?  Here’s a hint.

17 responses to “Case Study: What’s Wrong With This Picture?, Vol 6”

  1. Don’t need a whistle for restart of play, the fault was issue of caution when player was still ok ground and not on his feet


  2. Card procedure is record, then issue (preferably when the player is standing) and a whistle is required for a restart after issuing a card.


    • That isn`t always the case. I have given many cards where there could be a retaliation if I take my time. At a certain level, this chance increases.


  3. The referee was way too far away from the play when the foul happened.
    Also, he yellow carded the blue player, but let them take the kick.


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