Case Study: Ref Focus #1, Andre Marriner

For the inaugural installment of Ref Focus, we’ll look back at a match played between Liverpool and Manchester United on 1st September 2013.

Ref Focus features video from the entire match, edited to include the following events:

  • goals
  • fouls
  • offside decisions
  • misconducts
  • player management incidents

For this match, the video is just under 17 minutes long.

Match referee Andre Marriner did an excellent job overall, but especially with regard to managing the players.  A total of six cautions were issued by Marriner: four to Manchester United and two to Liverpool.  There were no send offs.

Share your thoughts on Marriner’s performance in the Comments section below.

One response to “Case Study: Ref Focus #1, Andre Marriner”

  1. If the referee hadn’t missed the foul by Coutinho at 33:15, Cleverly probably wouldn’t have felt the need to “take the law into his own hands,” as the announcer said.


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