Ref Focus: Cüneyt Çakır, Brazil v Mexico

Turkish Referee Cüneyt Çakır took charge of the match between Brazil and Mexico in the group stage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  The match was a 0-0 thriller, with plenty of chances for both sides.

Çakır’s performance in this match seems to have divided opinion in the referee community, with some saying he allowed too much physical play in the first half before tightening things up in the second stanza.

For me, this was a very difficult match to referee, with lots of flopping and rolling players on both sides, two managers who worked the referee and fourth official tirelessly, and loads of end-to-end play in the second half.

Throughout it all, Çakır maintained a smile and a calm, professional demeanor, which is one his hallmarks.  Only when Mexico’s Giovanni Dos Santos was complaining for a caution to be given to Brazil did Çakır change his facial expressions to a more stern appearance.

FIFA rewarded Çakır’s performance in the tournament by appointing him to the Netherlands v Argentina semi-final match.

4 responses to “Ref Focus: Cüneyt Çakır, Brazil v Mexico”

  1. Great referee that nobodies in the refereeing community like to tear down because they’re Manchester United fans. Very few referees could’ve gotten out of that game alive or without looking like a complete idiot.


  2. you did not killed the flow of the game and let the spectators watch a high pace game. Excellent Refereeing…


  3. Great calls in a tough game. Both teams played a physical game and the referee was consistent throughout each half. Tightening up the game in the second gave multiple free kick chances to both teams. He stayed very calm and collected. This is one way to keep control of the game, rather than just going to your pocket every cautionable foul.


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