Ref Focus: Mike Dean, Man City v Chelsea

All of the referee decisions from the BPL match between Manchester City and Chelsea, 21 Sep 2014.

After reviewing the video, I believe Dean does an excellent job in administering a compelling match.  One could quibble about where he sets the threshold for the issue of cautions, but he administers them consistently and equitably.

Previously unnoticed is that Dean plays advantage on the goal scored by Chelsea, adding to a long list of goals that have been scored from play-on decisions by this official.

As for the second caution and send off of Manchester City right back Pablo Zabaleta, the video backs Dean’s decision, as Zaboletta clearly kicks out at Chelsea forward Diego Costa.  Costa rightly received a caution for his response.

Also noteworthy is the referee’s significant use of facial expression and gestures to communicate with the players (and supporters and TV viewers).

2 responses to “Ref Focus: Mike Dean, Man City v Chelsea”

  1. If the referee did not think the man city player in the area was fouled , why did he not yellow the man city player for simulation


  2. I wouldn’t necessarily call it simulation because they’re really slightly trifling fouls but nothing that is DFK or PK worthy. He’s not fabricating a foul or a scene of a foul.


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