The iTOOTR Ref of the Year (more than a little late)

At the end of the Premier League 2013/14 season, I started work on a video to celebrate my choice for Referee of the Year.  For any number of reasons, I got distracted and completely forgot about the project.

I recently re-discovered it and decided to go ahead and finish it.  So, here it is, more than a little bit late.

Whether or not you agree with my selection, I thought it would be kind of cool to celebrate refereeing with the kind of high energy video highlights that are typically reserved for players.

Enjoy.  I had fun making it.

6 responses to “The iTOOTR Ref of the Year (more than a little late)”

  1. Excellent review of a inspirational referee – Can I ask what software your using as the transitions are great and how’d you capture the footage?


    • All worthy candidates, but I intentionally decided on a referee who doesn’t have a big white badge after he had three consecutive weeks of matches with send-off decisions. It might’ve been tempting to turn one or more of those cards yellow, especially when he was on the third week.

      So, for me, it was more of a recognition of Dowd’s willingness to (repeatedly) make difficult decisions.


  2. Mike-this is brilliant stuff-Dowd is always great to watch-he seems like the kind of guy you can get a beer with after a game! High marks on your production work-top class work. Your site keeps getting better!


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