Case Study: Advantage and Coming Back For Misconduct

FIFA Referee Andre Marriner provides a textbook example of playing advantage and coming back after the play to deal with misconduct.

In the first half of the match, Manchester City midfielder Ya Ya Toure was pressing forward at midfield when Chelsea’s Ramires kicks him in the knee. Toure immediately falls to the floor, but Manchester City retain possession, leading Referee Marriner to play advantage.

Case Study # 7-2013
Date 24 Feb 2013
Competition Barclays Premier League
Fixture/Result Man City 2 – 0 Chelsea
Referee/Badge Andre Marriner, FIFA
At Issue Marriner plays advantage after a reckless challenge by Chelsea’s Ramires on Man City’s Toure

As can be seen from the reaction of a couple of the Man City players, they expect this injustice to be dealt with. So, while still playing the advantage, Marriner turns and points at the guilty party (Ramires) and says something akin to: “I’ll deal with you later”. This lets all of the players know that Marriner has seen the reckless challenge and that punishment is forthcoming. This allows players to get on with the game and not worry about retribution.

Toure’s teammates elect to play the ball into touch, at which time Marriner immediately signals for the physio to enter the field to provide treatment for Toure. He then quickly finds Ramires and issues the caution.

Nothing terribly exciting in this case study, but many times managing the little things keep us from needing to deal with the big things.

4 responses to “Case Study: Advantage and Coming Back For Misconduct”

  1. @itootrdotcom Well sold but.don’t think the decision to play advantage was a particularly good one, injured player and defence well set.


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