Category: Case Studies

  • Ripped From The Touchline, Vol 2: A studs up challenge

    You have the whistle on a high school boys varsity match.  It has been tightly contested, physical, though not overly so, and the score is 1-0 in favor of White. Early in the second half, the Red left fullback takes possession near the halfway line, and near the touchline, which is were the teams are […]

  • Ripped From The Touchlines, Vol 1: Dissent and AR2

    You are the center referee in a U19 match between White and Red. After Red scores a goal on AR1’s end of the field, and before the ensuing kick-off, AR2 calls you over for a discussion. AR2 tells you that White’s center forward, #9, should be cautioned for dissent. Since you trust AR2’s judgment, you […]

  • Announcing a New Series: Ripped From The Touchline

    With sincere apologies to the writers of Law & Order, I announce a new series on iTooTr called “Ripped From The Touchlines”.  This series will feature real-world questions based on situations that referees have actually experienced.  While we may occasionally feature situations that have black and white answers based on the Laws of the Game, […]

  • A Lesson in Handling, um, Handling

    Check out Graham Poll’s blog about a recent handling decision in a Premier League match. This photo would make an excellent instructional tool for a referee training class. Without giving the students any set up, ask “Is this handling?”. Then give them a little more information and ask again. “Now, if you knew the ball […]